Top post workout ingredients to have in your stack

The goal of your post workout stack is to give your body more of what it needs to naturally repair muscle, and grow muscle. Surprisingly, there is little to a top stack. The core ingredients are leucine, glutamine and creatine. If you combine this with a and a good diet, you will see the gains you really want.

Leucine is getting a lot of coverage thanks to a series of recent studies on pro athletes that showed how much greater their skeletal protecting synthesis was when they took this as part of their post workout stack. Leucine works to trigger the skeletal process most, which then results in more muscle growth and faster repair.

As the first part of the name should cue you in, glutamine is the prime fuel source for muscles that is used recovery, growth and repair. The body creates its own stores in the muscle from protein synthesis. That store is limited in amount and can be burned through easily. It can then take 5 to 7 days to rebuild that store.  When you take glutamine, you rebuild that that store yourself and enhance muscle growth.

Creatine works in both the pre and the post workout cycles. It helps the muscle to hold fluid and to enhance protein synthesis. That fluid retention is what can give muscles that bubble look – and that means healthy muscle that can handle stress and strain. Creatine has to be replaced after the workout even if you have taken it before and during.

How much of each?
How much you take of each is going to depend on your level of activity and body weight. It is best to follow the recommended dose on the ingredients until you learn more about the per pound ratio recommendations for each. That way you are getting what you need, when you need it to recover and grow well.

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